Come and get me!

Come and get me!

Prices along the coast hold steady at $3.30-$3.45

Obviously there is always chatter that the price should move up, which does seem to make sense based upon the lack of any huge landings along the coast; No reports of big fall numbers being landed anywhere consistently right now. Where are the lobsters?

The catch around the coast looking pretty darn grim so gear is soaking for the next two days. Fellas on Criehaven are even discouraged judging from chatter on the radio the other day which means there must not be a lot of lobster around because traditionally those guys are fairly steady through the year. Signs of a fall run haven’t been reported. Still we wait.

Here is the break down

Price is holding from $3.10-$3.35 along the coast
Catch is running between 1-2.5 lbs a trap

In order to distract from the current situation its time for photos!

For whatever we lose(like a you or a me)
it’s always ourselves we find in the sea – ee cummings

Bait Irons on the ready


King Lobster

Spruce Head


Rain Days

Rain Days too

Price Update

"dangered species

“dangered species

Low prices grip the Maine lobster industry just as landings begin to dip this season. In parts of Casco Bay prices range from $2.25-$2.35 a # with average catch having dropped to 1.5# a trap and under for many. In the midcoast region prices seem to be holding a bit higher at $2.40 a #. In the eastern part of the state prices hover around $2.20 a #.


Unconfirmed reports that price for Maine lobster will fall between 35 and 50 cents all along the coast. Maine lobstermen will be earning an average of $2.25 a pound for their catch. This price drop rippled along the coast of Maine despite any significant increase of landings, with most boats averaging 1-2 pounds a trap. This drop also occurs after dealers announced this Spring, during a meeting with Maine lobstermen, that the reason for the price drop early in the season was to be able to prevent a price fall out during the summer. Well, what happened?

Lobster Update

In Canadian provinces, after a stunningly poor season, the PEI Fishermen’s Association is in the process of developing a 10 point strategy to help fight low prices in the next season. With prices of lobster having held steady at $3.00 a pound many fishermen are finding themselves in rough financial shape. The plan will call for more co-operatives, more storage facilities and improving the current marketing strategy that is in place now. The season wraps up at the end of June for almost a dozen districts. Check out the full article from CBC News.

In Maine the price is holding at $2.75 and $3.75 a pound. There seems to be signs of a run of shedders along the western part of the state while catch for the midcoast and eastern regions remains just plan bad. Boat owners and helpers are continuing to limp through the early part of the summer. Typically this is a time of the year when one is able to breath financially after a long winter and a hard spring. Unfortunately, the lean financial times have a continued strangle hold on many in the industry. This is a year when many in the industry may be broken.