Mr Johnson loves that power! Oh ho ho ho. Oh ho ho ho!

Check out the 36′ Northern Bay built, “Starlight Express” perform. E9 Mack engine, quad turbo? Is that right??! Thats some power boy. mmm, Power.

I said to Hollywood, “where’d he go?”
Hollywood says, “where’d who go?”

Looking good mr Clemons!

Get me this Boat! 44′ Calvin Beal, f/v Overkill!

Launched today at O’Hara’s in Rockland a 44′ Calvin Beal. 17+ beam. This boat is a great example of a skeg built hull. 30,000lbs boat powered with a V8 680 Deutz. Big time Charlie, big time.




Relentless Quest, a group of girls and more


Shots early on for the video are in harpswell on board the f/v “Whistlin Dixie”. Captain Andy Johnson’s 38′ Holland with 1000 HP CAT. I mean the thing idles at 9 kts. guy. Got some shots of Tom Clemons and his 46′ WesMac, f/v “4 girls”, got some shots of Chris Young and his 42′ Duffy, f/v “Miss Madeline”.

And now we get a little flavor from the Portland Lobster boat races, I think this video was shot on board Captain Chip Johnson’s 35′ Mitchel Cove with 650 Mack, f/v “3 Stars”. To his port side is Cap. Clemons and the “4 Girls”, (named because that’s at the top of his bucket list, 4 girls at the same time. just kidding. but really. just kidding).


Sea tunes on the steam in this evening. Awesome day on the water.

Talkin some Casco Bay Action

Headed aboard the f/v Hunter James for a trip this morning. Yarrrrr!!

Seems like well over a month my have passed since I stood on deck. Being on the water, especially offshore, in the winter months is the most surreal time of the year.

NE winds 5-10 kts, shifting to SE in the afternoon. Temps in high 30’s.


Got Me That Boat! 22′ South Shore

So this 22′ South Shore has been for sale since Late September. She was fished off Matinicus. The hull is a 1991. Up until learning more about the boat, only the 34′ and 38′ designs were familiar. Since spending a few moments digging around online, its been uncovered that South Shore also has a 30′ model. Unfortunately, there was no website found dedicated entirely to South Shore hulls. Captain Anderson was under the impression that they were built in Blue Hill Maine. So needless to say, I have begun navigating the sales process. This is all new territory for me as I seek out and speak with lenders, learn about drafting small business proposals and gain a better understanding of what type of check list I should follow. Is the hull in good shape, what year, outboard? how many hours, what year, will it pass a compression test? Are the electronics in working order, capacity of fuel tank? Does the boat fit within my means? Another step to gaining knowledge, a risk, a step to responsibility. Clear communication and honesty, understanding timelines of the seller, other potential buyers, the lender, and my own.

Today we haul 100 traps around the “whistler” buoy of Pen Bay and take on a load of 50. Slowly chipping away at the gear, we’ve got 250 up already. The end is clearly looming and I certainly must begin to make preparations for my next step. 50 business cards with my contact info, ready to be spread along the coast in search of some work on the high seas. Alaska is still in the cards as a good man from Grundens will be passing out my resume to skippers at the Pacific Marine Expo this week. Transitions can bring some level of anxiety but im finding it important to stay focused on this only being an opportunity to further my education and knowledge of the water and the lobster industry. Making new connections, building a strong reputation. Lobster wharfs can be intimidating. I know there will be some level of reluctance on my part to show the courage to stride down a new wharf and ask to leave some of my cards. Risk, reward. A pyrate takes what he can, mate.

Below is a 34′ South Shore, “The New Wave” and 3 photos of a 38′ South Shore. f/v Log Jam and f/v Shannon E (matinicus) The 38′ is almost a completely different hull. A lot of beam (width) on the 38′. The last picture is the 22′ South Shore

Happy seas. Yar!

34′ South Shore, “The New Wave”





How Salt is this?

Name: Flo-Rida
Designer: Calvin Beal, Beals, Maine
Builder: SW Boatworks, Lamoine, Maine
Drive Train Installation: SW Boatworks, Lamoine, Maine
Finisher: Phil Corson, Bar Harbor, Maine
Owner: Troy Lewis, Southwest Harbor, Maine
Dimensions: 38’9” L x 15’ W 14’2” Transom D 4’2”
Fishery: Lobster Fishing
Top: Molded, Extended Top
Power: 500 John Deere 2.43:1 Reduction, Twin Disc 5065, Downeast Diesel, Southwest Harbor, Me.
Wet Exhaust: 8” With Muffler
Shaft: 2 ½” S/S Aquamet 22 Roses Marine
Rudder: S/S 2 ½”Espositos Welding, Surry, Maine
Cutlass, PYI, Rudder Ports: RE Thomas, Hancock, Maine
Propeller: 32 x 32 4 Blade
Steering/Hydraulics: Marine Hydraulics Class 2 Dual Ram
Hatches: Bomar
Controls: Kobelt
Metal Fabrication: Espositos Welding, Surry, Maine
Stern Extension/Trap Rack: Espositos Welding, Surry, Maine
Fuel Tanks: Single, Aluminum 300 gallons, Espositos Welding, Surry, Maine
Windows: Wynne, Square Framed, Aluminum Insert
Trucking/Hauling: AL Pettigrow, Southwest Harbor, Maine
Lettering: Tidal Graphics
Speed: 25 MPH
Builder’s Comments: I am very pleased with the performance of the boat. The “new” 9 liter John Deere made a wonderful work package for this boat. The engine sits real low and is very quiet with a lot of power which sailed this boat with ease. This is the first time we used this motor.

During sea trials the boat sailed at 25.4 MPH (22knts). The prop was a littlel small, which allowed the engine to overturn. I am pretty certain we could have achieved another knot .

Phil and his crew did a wonderful job finishing her off. We are planning on having a couple of 38s on hand for this fall.


38 Calvin Beal Flo-Rida


38 Calvin Beal Flo-Rida


I mean seriously- Flo-Rida.  Nothing more to say.  Guy mugs bugs.  He ain’t scared.

Get Me This Boat! 44′ Calvin Beal- Jill Cayden

Get me this boat!  Check out the beam on this big girl.  Awesome boat- Caught my eye the first month of living in the area.  Saw her down at one of the major marinas on a walk one fine Spring day. 


Name: Jill Cayden
Designer: Calvin Beal, Beals, Maine
Builder: SW Boatworks Lamoine, Maine
Finisher: Rahkonen Builders, South Thomaston, Maine
Owner: Shane Hatch, Owls Head, Maine
Dimensions: 44′ x 17.5′
Fishery: Lobster Fishing
Hull: Solid fiberglass, 3 Fish Holds
Top: Molded Foam Core
Power: 700 HP Iveco w/2.5:1 ZF 360A O’Haras Corp. , Rockland, Maine
Start up/Sea Trials: O’Haras Corp., Rockland, Maine
Shaft: 2.5″ Stainless Steel, Rose’s Marine Cutlass, PYI shaft seal and rudder boxes
Propeller: 34×36 4 blade LH Owner Supply
Steering/Hydraulics: Marine Hydraulics, Motion Industries
Metal Fabrication: Mark’s Metal Fab, Rockland, Maine
Wet Exhaust: 10″
Electronics/Wiring: Midcoast Marine Electronics
Hatches: Bomar
Controls: Kobelt
Fuel Tanks: 450 gallons, Fiberglass
Windows/Doors: Diamond Sea Glaze
Fiberglass Products: Composite One
Marine Hardware/Building Supplies/Equipment: Hamilton Marine
Trucking/Hauling: O’Haras Corp., Rockland, Maine
Lettering: PDQ
Speed: 24 knts


44 Calvin Beal Jill Cayden


44 Calvin Beal Jill Cayden


44 Calvin Beal Jill Cayden